A psychological struggle at the heart of the human condition is the driving, unifying force behind the work of London-based photographer Kim Lang:  the real, essential self underneath the socially approved mask shaped by Western standards of beauty, behaviour and belief.  

His work is inherently cinematic. Images unnaturally drained of colour except for carefully placed splatters alternate with a popping, neon palette reminiscent of the seedy nightlife of big cities.

Lang graduated from the London College of Fashion with a degree in Fashion Photography in 2013 but also sees music, theatre and films, by the likes of Nicholas Winding Refn and Zac Snyder, as major influences on his art. His visual exploration of the battle between the real and the visible is born from his persistent engagement with the performance of the self for an audience.

More recently, a series of mostly analogue black-and-white photographs chronicling his trip through the Southern States has indicated a new, additional direction for Lang’s work: that of documenting African American culture in the 21st century. 

Liz Louis
Art Curator (2016)

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